Love Yourself Into Life - The Magic Book(2014-11-13)


愛引領你與萬物中最浩瀚之謎更近 - 你。
當你與自己沈浸於喜樂,你正擁抱著在你之中的神性,最重要的,你正在成為一股力量驚人的知識力量。 你體驗到的每一種感覺 - 每一種感覺 - 都會讓你更接近被稱為自我的謎團。

“現在回到我們美麗的神奇之書,現在很容易理解為何它對讀者來說是神奇的。 那些金色的,發出的短語真正超越了問候卡的瞬間靈感。 他們創造了一個新的現實,一個新的未來。 “打開這本神奇之書,讓它的頁面隨意張開 - 隨意打開一頁。 你的眼神會停留在對你有意義的片語上。“
- 傑西奈


Love brings you closer to the greatest mystery of all — you. When you love another, you love yourself, you embrace yourself, you become passionate with self. When you are in joy with yourself, you are embracing God within your being, the principle, and you are becoming a knowing force that is awesome in its power. Every feeling you experience — every feeling — brings you closer to the identity of the enigma called self.

— Ramtha 

“Now back to our beautiful Magic Book, it is now easy to understand why it is magic for its readers. Those golden, uttered phrases truly transcend the momentary inspiration of a greeting card. They create a new reality, a new future. “Open this Magic Book, allow its pages to flutter — opening to a page at random. Your eyes will rest on the phrase meant for you.”

— JZ Knight



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